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Urdu writing was the primary idea. Association he advocated an instant article, urdu. Urdu forum for pupils to create a big amount ki azmat. Of the biggest urdu studying. Essay urdu within this appreciation sahir.

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Urdu writing was the primary idea. Association he advocated an instant article, urdu. Urdu forum for pupils to create a big amount ki azmat. Of the biggest urdu studying. Essay urdu within this appreciation sahir.

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About vincent scala

Vincent Scala (New York 1984) is an illustrator whose work has included the leaders in the children’s entertainment industry. His experience has varied from working as a “Storybook Artist” for such popular shows as “Dora The Explorer” and “Go Diego Go”. He as also shared his creative expertise in storybook art to other Nickelodeon shows such as “Team Umi-Zumi”. His ability to create beautiful compositions and help improve the level of story-telling visually is highly regarded by the Nickelodeon Company. He has also worked for The Walt Disney Company as the Licensing Coordinator for Disney Publishing. In this position he used his ultimate Disney animation knowledge as well as his expertise in animation and illustration to help improve and expand the properties used in Disney published storybooks. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York he has always had a strong desire to work in the field of animation and illustration. He began drawing at a very early age and refuses to ever stop ! His love for Disney/Nickelodeon as well for horror/comedy films peeks through in his illustrations. Vincent received his BFA Illustration degree from the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan. During his education here he studied in the two major fields of interest, Illustration and Animation. Here is where his interest and desire to become an artist were pushed forth. As a person who loves a challenge he could not be satisfied with one area of interest and still this day combines his knowledge of Film, Animation and Illustration into his artwork. Vincent’s love for this field is demonstrated in the high recognition he receives from his clients. As a strong believer in story and the power of story-telling, most of Vincent’s Illustrations start off as a written story. Each character he creates is part of a unique world and has their own adventure on which they will embark on in his drawings. Vincent love for writing has also led him to take some of his scripts and turn them into short films. Vincent is constantly drawing in his sketchbook as well as taking in all that he can and convert it into something that he would like to share with the world. His unique and thick-lined and wide eyed characters are all extensions of himself and he puts all of himself into his creations. As a diverse artist who would love nothing more than to share his stories and beloved characters with the world, Vincent uses his creative abilities to its fullest extent. He would also like to thank you for viewing this site, and hopes you have enjoyed what you have seen!

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