Screenshots reveal world of Pid adventure

Might and Delight has released a series of screenshots showing off the dynamic world that Kurt discovers along his journey in Pid, a platform adventure game in which the player is given a rich set of features that he must use to survive in the world. A wide variety of fast paced action, puzzles and precision platforming forces the player to creatively master the tools at hand. Gameplay situations can always be solved in tons of alternative ways and the rich contrast between the different locations challenges the player to adapt to enemies that demands new strategies and methods.

The core feature in Pid allows players to manipulate a powerful force that can be used to maneuver around the levels in thousands of unique ways. To top it off, it completely changes the way you maneuver within a 2d world. It’s also used to move enemies and objects, deflect bullets, activate machinery and change level layouts. Mastering the use of this core feature will turn everything you know about platforming upside down.

In Pid, two players can experience the adventure together. In coop-mode, players are expected to truly cooperate in order to safely advance through the levels. Both are highly dependent on the other, and even if friendly cooperation is a must, there is plenty of room to wildly compete and test your retro skills against your friends.

During the course of the game, players will experience a lovely and very special soundtrack composed and recorded by Retro Family – a small group of studio musicians that focus on tailored music for games, films, dance and theater.

Check out the new screenshot set from Might and Delight, the makers of Pid, below.

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